SARISTU Mid-Term Review Meeting

The SARISTU Consortium conducted successfully the SARISTU Mid-Term Review Meeting on the 24th, 25th and 26th of September 2013 at University of Naples Federico II in Naples, Italy. The meeting was chaired by the Project Coordinator, Piet Wölcken, with the support of the Project Management Office and participants from all partners.

The meeting began with the welcome speech of the Project Coordinator and a presentation on the overall status. During the 1st day afternoon session the dissemination activities performed within the second year of the project were presented, as well as the status and progress of the Integration Scenario 12 (Wing Assembly, Integration and Testing) and Integration Scenario 13 (Fuselage Assembly, Integration and Testing). The second day began with the progress and status of all Application Scenarios and was completed with a feedback session from the EU-Project Officer and the Assessors. On the third day individual technical Scenario Workshops were performed in order to define the next steps and discuss a detailed planning for the upcoming months.

During the three day meeting, the very positive progress performed within all Scenarios was presented and first demonstrator containing SARISTU research results was exposed. The highlights include the positive and creative ambiance of the meeting and the great participation and extremely high level of involvement of all SARISTU partners. In addition, participants were extremely encouraged by the constructive discussions and the positive outcomes of the meeting. Overall, SARISTU activities are in their majority very well on track with most of the objectives being successfully achieved. Most importantly, SARISTU’s external Assessors as well as the project’s EU Officer expressed their satisfaction with the progress and very high scientific quality presented.

Mid Term Review Meeting
Mid Term Review Meeting

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