Academic Theses

S. Batal (ALTRAN), A. Erdogan (ALTRAN), 2014. Functional and Process Analysis of Multifunctional Structure to Improve Damage Tolerance and electrical Isotropy. Master Thesis, 31st of March, 2014, Hamburg, Germany.
Nicolas Dobmann (EADS-D), 2014. Examination of a SHM sensor integration by means of Co-Bonding with particular consideration of electrical interfaces and Lamb Wave coupling – Diploma Thesis. Diploma Thesis, February 2014, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.
Alessio Borzacchiello (UNINA), Prof. Eng. Leonardo Lecce (UNINA), Prof. Fabrizio Ricci (UNINA), Eng. Ernesto Monaco (UNINA), Eng. Natalino Daniele Boffa (UNINA), 2014. Ultrasonic waves propagation in composite laminates: numerical-experimental correlation. Master Thesis, May 2014, Naples, Italy.
Giorgio Gargiulo (UNINA), Marco Grasso (UNINA), Prof. Fabrizio Ricci (UNINA), Eng. Ernesto Monaco (UNINA), Eng. Natalino Daniele Boffa (UNINA), Ing. Marco Di Palma (UNINA), 2014. Sviluppo di algoritmi MALTAB® e LabVIEW® finalizzati all’automazione di un sistema di “Health Monitoring” (Software implementation of methods for the identification of areas of damages on composite panels). Master Thesis, 21st of May 2014, Naples, Italy.
Vittorio Memmolo (UNINA), Prof. Eng. Fabrizio Ricci (UNINA), Eng. Leandro Maio (UNINA), 2014. Modeling and testing techniques of guided waves in composite plates for Structural Health Monitoring applications. Master Thesis, 16th of May 2014, Naples, Italy.
Julian Sierra-Perez (UPM) supervised by Professor Dr. Alfredo Guemes (UPM) and Dr. Luis E. Mujica (UPM), 2014. Smart Aeronautical Structures: Development and Experimental validation of structural health monitoring system for damage detection. PhD Thesis, January 2014,Madrid, Spain.
I. Dimino (CIRA), 2013. MActuation System for a Morphing Trailing Edge Device. Master Thesis, 26th of July 2013, Capua, Italy.
T. Pürckhauer (ALTRAN) , 2014. Cost-benefit analysis of different structural monitoring systems for a CFRP aircraft fuselage. Master Thesis, Hamburg, Germany.
P. Nielen (ALTRAN), 2014. Development of a method to assess the damage of CFRP aircraft components concerning the residual strength. Bachelor Thesis, October 2014, Hamburg, Germany.
M. Seissler (ALTRAN), 2015. Biomimetics in aerospace, 10th of July 2015, Hamburg, Germany.


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