SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) focuses on the cost reduction of air travel through a variety of individual applications as well as their combination. For the first time ever in smart material concepts, SARISTU offers the opportunity to virtually and physically assess the interaction of different technological solutions and their combined effects at aircraft level.

Specifically, the joint integration of different conformal morphing concepts in a laminar wing is intended to improve aircraft performance through a 6% drag reduction, with a positive effect on fuel consumption and required take-off fuel load. A side effect will be a decrease of up to 6dB(A) of the airframe generated noise, thus reducing the impact of air traffic noise in the vicinity of airports.

Another important objective is to limit the integration cost of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems by moving the system integration as far forward in the manufacturing chain as possible. In this manner, SHM integration becomes a feasible concept to enable in-service inspection cost reductions of up to 1%.

Finally, the incorporation of Carbon Nanotubes into aeronautical resins is expected to enable weight savings of up to 3% when compared to the unmodified skin/stringer/frame system, while a combination of technologies is expected to decrease Electrical Structure Network installation costs by up to 15%.


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